Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Catching Up With (no longer) Depressed Mode

Bonus points if today's post title makes you smile and takes you back your high school days of mix tapes and High Hair.

I've had a few drafts going for a while now but they have all been out-lived (OUT-LIVED! I SAID IT!), so I'm just going to scrap them and start anew and catch you up on what's been going on with this strange process of integration.

Right after I do this:


My regular readers will remember my trip to Writer's Camp at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California last summer, and the world-shifting effect it had on me.

Last week's trip was no different. I had a spectacular time, and reclaimed the amazing community of writer friends I tentatively began there last year, and this time, I'm keeping them. They are mine now. 

And this year, I spoke up a bit more, and I told them about my work and what I've done with this blog, and I've invited them here. 

So, before we proceed any further...


1. You're going to want to start at the beginning. It's a linear narrative, this story, so it's not going to make much sense to start here at the end and go backwards, or to pick spots out in the middle and try to find your way. I linked the first post in the first sentence of this item and I'll link it again RIGHT HERE

(Pro tip: if you go from the link above and read to the bottom of the post, down below you'll see a link for "Newer Post" which will take you directly to the next post, with no scrolling or searching required-- this is the easiest way to do it!)

Start there. Bon voyage. I'm told it's a decent read. There's thrills and chills, blood and guts, sex and drugs, discovery and enlightenment, and even... spoiler alert... a happy ending or two.

2. Please comment, if you feel moved to do so! Don't worry if it's an old post-- I want to turn this thing into a book and your thinky-writey brains are just what I need. You are TOTALLY THE DROIDS I AM LOOKING FOR.

3. THANK YOU for stopping by! I hope you find it worth your while. I try to subscribe to Pam Houston's rule: "Never waste the reader's time."

Okay, so...

Imma let everyone get caught up, since I've been out of the blog game for many months now, but I will leave you with these topics of my next few posts so you know what's in store for you in the next couple of weeks:

1. A report on this year's Esalen adventure

2. An account of the email I received from a stranger three weeks ago, telling me she'd read my blog and was moved by my experiences because she had had similar ones, since she had survived a plane crash when she was 16 and undergone EMDR therapy when she was 40 and would I be interested in letting her interview me for a podcast her publisher wanted her to do to help market her recent memoir? OH YEAH THAT HAPPENED AND WE ARE GOING TO DISCUSS THE SHIT OUT OF IT HERE.


4. And also: I suspect I will have a guest blog post by a plane crash-survivor coming up at some point because OMG she is RAD.

5. In neurofeedback news, I had another QEEG and ladies and gentlemen, we have confirmation of something BIG BIG BIG that you may or may not be surprised to learn.

Integration has gone well, this last year, and the boring part is, I guess, kind of over. Now we dive in again. Time to move. Time to push. Time to see what this newly-integrated brain can do. 

As it has in the past, when I've strayed or gotten lost for too long, the path has come knocking again. I find myself back on my feet, headed in a direction I cannot deny is the right one. Other writers, other survivors, are literally reaching out to me from the void and saying, "Here we are, where have you been, what's taking you so long?"

So it's clearly time to shake the dust off my feet and get back to this blog and write down what is happening to me on this journey.

Time to get going. Time to move. 

Time to live!

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