Saturday, June 28, 2014

Waiting for Q

Short post today-- got caught up in some other writing involving reaching out to a friend of mine.

Two things that might make you-- as they are certainly making me-- think: WHOA. This neurofeedback thing is really doing something!

Why, yes. Yes it is.

The thing I noticed most this week is that it seems to be making me feel the effects of my antidepressant.


I seem to be sort of backing into it. I'm still on the 150mg of Effexor, and while it wasn't a negative, it wasn't much of a positive either, but I just could not bring myself to face another med change, so I thought I'd wait to see if any progress with the neurofeedback made a difference.

Indeed it seems to have done, this week.

I'm noticing a bit more focus, a bit more ease in settling into the details of things. I'm noticing a bit more motivation, a bit more industry, a bit more stamina in getting things done. 

Checklists being made, checkmarks piling up, that sort of thing.

I didn't get the results of the QEEG back this week, unfortunately, but I'm hoping that I'll have them by next Thursday. I am excited to see them, although a bit nervous about more surprises within. 

Mostly, though, I'm excited about the targeted work we'll be able to do afterward. This general, calming stuff has been fantastic so far-- I am sleeping deeply enough to dream for the first time in 6 years, and dreaming crazily and vividly all night, every night-- but I'm ready to tackle more than just that.

Time to break out the big guns, as they say. Let's do this.

Aside from that, no new updates. Oh: I finally get to meet with my potential screenwriting partner on Monday about the project I told you about back in November. Well, it will probably end up being more of a visit-visit than a business-visit, just because we have limited time and haven't seen each other for a long time, but we'll get to talk about it face to face for the first time, and that will be cool.

And maybe the ball will start rolling again, and that will be cool.

And maybe I've backed far enough into my antidepressants again that I'm ready to get a bit more done with my grain these days, and that will be cool, too.

At any rate, that's happening and we'll see what comes of it. Update next week.

Hopefully, I'll have a whole lot to update you about when next we speak.

Until then, we're celebrating Pride weekend here in San Francisco, and there's a lot more to be proud about over recent weeks, so we're feeling extra proud of all of the advances that have been made on behalf of our LGBTQ brothers and sisters in the US.

We've still got a long way to go, but the dominoes are falling faster every day. And we are winning.

Happy Pride, everyone!

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