Saturday, February 1, 2014

Too Big To Write About

This post is just going to be a teaser for the post I'm going to try to write over the next few days.


I've had some pretty remarkable things happen over the last few days-- some deep work, some astonishing synchronicity, and a rather spectacular physical display of PTSR energy discharge in action.

But I can't write about it now, because I've only just calmed down from it, 18 hours and 3 lorazepams later, and I've got a dinner party at my house tonight and if I stir it up again I will not be in any condition to host. 

But the point is: major movement. Good movement. Terrifying and uncomfortable and triggering and real.

So, just what the doctor ordered, really.

I took some good notes so I wouldn't forget anything and I'll try to write it on Monday and Wednesday while my kids are at school. I'm pretty sure it's going to give me a migraine so I need to be prepared.

Today, I'm going to take it easy so I can be human for my houseguests later. A much better idea, I think.

So. Watch this space. See you in a few days with a DOOZY of a story. OMG!

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